How to sell an account on Fortnite ? Many players have asked themselves this question, especially when the various skins and items are difficult to obtain. There are always people who will be looking to buy, so people who will be looking to sell, and so on… So we will see in this article how to sell an account in Fortnite. However, it is important to remember that there are very strict rules, which we will not fail to state below.

Fortnite in a nutshell:

Fortnite is a free-to-play multiplayer game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly and published by the former. The main mode and the one for which the game has achieved worldwide success is the battle royale. Having taken the side of a rather specific graphic design, which one could believe intended for the youngest, the game is much more complex than it seems.

Indeed, on a map where 100 players compete to be the last survivor, you are dropped from the Battle Bus and must find equipment and resources. This will allow you to fight but also to build either to attack or to defend yourself. It is therefore necessary to master two essential aspects in order to survive.

Released in 2017, the game has been a dazzling success since 125 million players have been identified in less than a year.

How to sell an account on Fortnite: The rules to follow

Selling a Fortnite account is strictly prohibited by the Fortnite License Agreement. In addition, purchasing is also affected by this measure. As Epic Games clarifies on Twitter “ buying/selling accounts is against Fortnite's Terms of Service and steps are being taken to deactivate such accounts In either case, you are subject to permanent deletion of the account, sold or purchased.

The reasons that lead players to sell or buy

The cosmetic aspect

On Fortnite, as on many games, the cosmetic aspect is privileged. Some items are exclusive and could only be obtained during certain seasons, which means that a new player might never get them.

For these reasons, it drives some players who don't care about the rules to want to try to sell theirs. It is however possible to exchange items, however what would be the interest for certain players to give up objects that it is no longer possible to obtain?

Valuation of accounts

Of course, the financial valuation of this type of operation is what most interests players. We are talking about several hundred or even thousands of euros, so imagine. It is also not impossible to buy, then resell, and so on. Become a Fortnite account trader and make the most of low-cost purchases.

How to Sell an Account in Fortnite: Where to Find Accounts

We do not push anyone to sell or buy accounts, however it must be recognized that everyone is free to do what they want. Therefore, we are going to list where to buy/sell accounts.

Account Lists

Ebay : You could find your happiness on this platform. Indeed, many account redemption offers are available. If you wanted to sell, this is also a solution for you. Here is an additional list:

Keep in mind that a purchase is not necessarily a good acquisition because there is a risk that you will lose possession of it after investing a certain amount.

So be aware of everything discussed in this article. You know how to do it, but is it worth it?

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